I Want to Start a Movement

I want to start a movement, and I want to start it here, with our Christian Writers, and in our churches.

Tell me, what did you read this week that had an impact? Did you even once think about the author, the invisible person who wrote those words?

I have to admit I’m as guilty as the next person. I revel in reading. I love the escape, the learning, the tantalizing ideas, the stretching, the comfort. But where did those words come from?

I belong to a couple of Canadian Christian Writers’ Associations. Through the on-line forums I’m meeting many of these writers. These are real people. Their material comes from real life struggles and their own walk with Jesus.

Recently author and editor, Sara Davison invited writers to share on her blog their answer to this question, “Why do you write? And why does it matter that others read what you write?”

The reasons were as numerous as the submissions, but I realized each echoed James 1:2-4. Consider it joy when we go through trials because it builds perseverance and matures us in our walk with the Lord. The events that grow our maturity become the foundation of our writing, from fiction to theological treatise. I shared the kickstart to my writing when I told my story.


This leads me to the Movement I want to begin. It’s a simple Movement. When you read something, anything that touches your heart, pray for the writer.

We pray for our missionaries, our pastors and other church leaders, knowing the sacrifices they make to follow their calling. In that same way, pray for the writers who go through life’s challenges and then take the time to put it on paper, to hone the words, to edit and revise, to receive rejections and still persevere.

Pray, too for  those who are being called right now to write and share what our Lord has taught them. They need prayer to get them going.

So please, join my Movement and pray for our Christian writers.

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  • http://www.kimberleypayne.com Kimberley Payne

    What a great idea and a worthy movement. Count me in!

  • Gloria Guest

    This is a great idea Bobbi. I realized that sometimes I think about the author behind the words and sometimes I don’t even though I’m a writer myself. I will definitely challenge myself to pray for the writer behind the words after reading your post.

  • http://janetsketchley.ca/ Janet Sketchley

    What a difference that could make, Bobbi! We need to be cheering one another on and supporting one another, instead of assuming others have it all together.

    Thanks for starting this movement!

  • Cathy Klapstein

    Good idea. I often think about the writer when reading just because it fascinates me that anyone can come up with a whole work of fiction. I never thought to pray though. Will do.

  • http://www.saradavison.org Sara Davison

    Thank you for this Bobbi – it brought tears to my eyes. I’m sure people are tired of writers whining about how difficult the writing business is, but for the same reason a cliché becomes a cliché, writers continue to say the same thing – because it’s true. And maybe, now that I read your post, it’s less whining and more a cry for prayer, for the encouragement to keep going, to keep putting ourselves out there, to keep wrestling with the rejection and the humbling and the angst and the writer’s block and the insecurity and to be able, with the help of God, to lay all that down at his feet and just write. Not for the glory (not a lot of that) or for the money (even less of that) or even for the pure joy it brings (and there is a lot of that) but simply because He has called us to do it. Knowing others are praying for us, praying that we will be faithful to that calling no matter how difficult it may be, just may make all the difference, And taking our eyes and thoughts off ourselves to spend time with God praying for other writers going through the same thing will likely help even more. So thank you!

    • bobbi

      Amen, Sara. And again I say, Amen!

  • http://www.glynisbelec.com Glynis Belec

    Excellent suggestion. And I say that not because I am a writer -although that is a good reason. But how quickly we take the gifts of others for granted ,from construction guys, to artists, to custodians, to parents, to. . .what a wonderful world this could truly become if we really did pray without ceasing. Great idea, Bobbi. I am in – or at least I will try my best. Poke us now and again to remind us.

    • bobbi

      We do take what we get from others for granted. I shall poke unceasingly. Please poke back.

  • Janette Faulkner

    yes, I join your prayer movement in thanking the Lord for a Christian writer who is blessing me. I even feel free to pray for this writer knowing that they died before me. Because God Who is Eternal would know that in the future I would pray for them on my timeline and so He blessed them in their time of need.

    • bobbi

      I agree, Janette. God created time for this creation, this finite life. I believe, too, that our prayers override the constraints of time.

  • http://stephseclecticinterests.wordpress.com/ Steph

    I think about the authors. Sometimes I even connect with the authors online. But I don’t make it a habit to pray for them. What a great idea! You can count me in as well. Love it, Bobbi.

  • http://gospelperspective.wordpress.com/ Andrew McLean

    love what your wrote here. This thought and idea can be applied not just to christian writings but all writers and writings i think. I have been reading Brandon Sandersons (who is lds like my self) the way of kings and a passage in the book tells a parable about leadership and understanding the burdens of the people you are meant to lead. I shared it on my book blog http://andrewsbookreviews.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/parable-from-a-book/ i think you would enjoy the parable as well

    • bobbi

      You’re definitely growing in your own writing, Andrew. And setting a good example for your eldest daughter as well. Keep it up!

  • http://marcylovesherlife.wordpress.com Marcy

    Praying for YOU right now, Bobbi 🙂 I love this.

    • bobbi

      Thanks Marcy! Right back at you!

  • http://tracykrauss.com Tracy Krauss

    Well said, Bobbi! I came tot he post after Sheila shared ont eh listserv. Wonderful

  • Henrietta

    Thanks Bobbi, for challenging us. And thanks Sheila for pointing us here.
    This takes the competition out of writing.
    Also I am happy to pray for Christian and non-Christian authors. Non-Christian penned words are used by God all the time!

    • bobbi

      You’re right, Henrietta. The Lord uses all kinds of writing to reach people in a multitude of ways. Pray for all the writers, composers, lyricists… Pray for Words! 🙂

  • http://www.hungryforpurpose.com Melanie

    Thank you ever so much Bobbi for stepping up to your calling as a writer and sharing this thought. This is immensely encouraging! I hesitate with asking for prayer as a writer because much of the world does not understand the struggles that come with being one. Hollywood has portrayed writers as those who lie in hamaks all day sipping fruity drinks out of coconuts as we fill up with inspiration and scribe the next America’s greatest novel with a feather pen. Anyone who writes knows the truth…we would spill our drinks on our “empty pages” and our pens don’t work when we write laying on our backs.
    I am so grateful that other get it! I will certainly be praying for all your writers out there, and I will be soaking up the prayers when you happen to stumble upon something I have written 🙂
    May the Lord bless your pens!

    • bobbi

      A more accurate picture is definitely needed, Melanie! Prayer plus education, methinks. 🙂

  • Pam

    This is a simple challenge that has a huge potential. Writers are missionaries too. Thank you for starting this movement, Bobbi!

  • Katherine Hoffman

    Such a good reminder, Bobbi! You are so right- I read a lot, but I rarely think about the authors beyond whether or not I like their writing! Quite ironic, really! I will try to keep the writers in my prayers, as you have suggested. 🙂

  • Sharon Espeseth

    What good thoughts, Bobbi, and so well said. Yours is a call to arms–to the protection, love and encouragement of God’s arms. Thanks for writing this, reading it to your church congregation and sharing it with us. You are beautiful!

  • http://anotherporch.blogspot.com Janet

    Amen…to Bobbi and so many worthwhile thoughts in the comments to. When we pray for the writer God will work through written word!

  • bobbi

    Thanks to everyone who’s joining in on the Movement! We’re talking about making bookmarks that will serve as an ongoing reminder. Or you can make your own bookmark if you’re crafty that way.

    Spread the word!

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