Walking in the Sweet Spot

Today’s posting is adapted from an article written by my good friend, Janette…

March displays the tug-of-war between winter and spring. Yesterday was sunny, well above freezing. Today brings a light fluff of snow. 

Walking my dog this morning I noticed she was not tugging at the leash to go faster, and I was not pulling her from distractions along the roadside.  

She was walking in my sweet spot. We were in synch.  

I wondered about my sweet spot with Jesus:  Walking with Him…

     * not pulling to do things my way;

         * not distracted from His Way with little detours here and there;

             * not making Jesus stop and wait while I expend strength needlessly.

That sweet spot with Jesus: A place where…

     * there is no struggle, no tug-of-war;

          * there are problems not yet tied to solutions, but still;

                * there is joy.

Jesus is sufficient. I know He is going to see me through.

Oh, to be able to remain in this place.  

I know that staying in Jesus’ sweet spot is only possible through effort on my part. That effort is the difference between 

     * finding Him and keeping Him; 

          * the wedding and the marriage.


May we all strive to walk in that sweet spot with Jesus. 

Thanks again to our Guest Blogger, Janette

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