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I Want to Start a Movement

I want to start a movement, and I want to start it here, with our Christian Writers, and in our churches.

Tell me, what did you read this week that had an impact? Did you even once think about the author, the invisible person who wrote those words?

I have to admit I’m as guilty as the next person. I revel in reading. I love the escape, the learning, the tantalizing ideas, the stretching, the comfort. But where did those words come from?

I belong to a couple of Canadian Christian Writers’ Associations. Through the on-line forums I’m meeting many of these writers. These are real people. Their material comes from real life struggles and their own walk with Jesus.

Recently author and editor, Sara Davison invited writers to share on her blog their answer to this question, “Why do you write? And why does it matter that others read what you write?”

The reasons were as numerous as the submissions, but I realized each echoed James 1:2-4. Consider it joy when we go through trials because it builds perseverance and matures us in our walk with the Lord. The events that grow our maturity become the foundation of our writing, from fiction to theological treatise. I shared the kickstart to my writing when I told my story.


This leads me to the Movement I want to begin. It’s a simple Movement. When you read something, anything that touches your heart, pray for the writer.

We pray for our missionaries, our pastors and other church leaders, knowing the sacrifices they make to follow their calling. In that same way, pray for the writers who go through life’s challenges and then take the time to put it on paper, to hone the words, to edit and revise, to receive rejections and still persevere.

Pray, too for  those who are being called right now to write and share what our Lord has taught them. They need prayer to get them going.

So please, join my Movement and pray for our Christian writers.

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photo credit: Curt Fleenor Photography via photopin cc