Prompt #6: A Choice of Four Quotes

Prompt #6: A Choice of Four Quotes

PROMPT:  Jan. 2017 Read the quotes below and write what comes to mind.

Phillip Yancy: The issue is not whether I agree with someone, but rather how I treat someone with whom I profoundly disagree.  Ravi Zacharias: If truth is not undergirded by love, it makes the possessor of that truth obnoxious and the truth repulsive.  Pastor Brad: This is not how I wanted God to answer my prayer.  Ravi Zacharias: We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.

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Girl in the Night

It was dark. She rarely found herself out walking after dark, not in the city where she lived, at least. And not in the summer, because the days were so much longer, and dark came so much later. But this was summer, and they weren’t in the city. They were on holiday at a campground in Calgary. A big campground, next to Callaway Amusement Park. Excitement ricocheted off the rides as screams and lights and raspy music bounced onto the road she followed, threading through trees, pock-marked with tents and trailers and wash stations. People ventured through the night – parents with kids, couples holding hands. And her. Alone.

Her parents were struggling to erect their tent in the dark. Her brother had taken off with some boys. And she, snatching this unprecedented window of freedom, had called out, “Going for a walk,” and slipped away.

The air was warm. Intoxicating scents drifted across the asphalt path. Music from the amusement park caught her ear and she sang along with a top-ten tune. “Hey there little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good…”

It was an other-worldly moment, one she hadn’t touched before. At thirteen, she found herself dipping a toe into the enticing stream of independence. At home, rules forced her to stay close, safe, secure. Those rules hadn’t managed to travel as fast as the family car, though. Busy setting up their campsite, her parents hadn’t surveyed possible dangers in time to prevent her from ducking out from under their cautious control. In this warm, dark, stirring moment she felt alive in a way she never had before.

A noise.

Behind her.

One foot moved in front of the other as her ears strained for discernment.

Boys goofing around, she decided. Being silly, like boys at school would be. But they sounded older, their voices deeper.

Then a whistle. A wolf whistle, they called it.

“Hey, Chickie” one called out. To her? She was pretty sure it was to her.

This was unprecedented. She’d never been approached by a boy before. Quiet, socially awkward, she was what some called a loner.

Not knowing what else to do, her feet continued to carry her forward.

“Hey, Cutie Pie, wait up,” another voice called.

More laughing.

They must like my back, she thought. I must look okay to them.

Maybe they’d like me too, she thought, and kept walking, staring straight ahead.

The laughing was closer. The comments continued – friendly, inviting. Too shy to respond, she didn’t turn towards them, but she couldn’t ignore the excitement of garnering such attention.

Until… until…

“Hey, Sweet Face!” they came along beside her.

“Oh man,” one said. “She’s a dog!”

And off they ran down the path ahead of her.

Leaving her to continue to walk alone. In the warm, dark, fragrant night.

Wishing this was a place that did have rules. Maybe then she wouldn’t have heard what they’d said. Maybe then she’d know what to do with her heart.


When the Bough Breaks

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