Prompt #4: 5 Letters or 1 Syllable

Prompt #4: 5 Letters or 1 Syllable

PROMPT:  A fascinating writing exercise: Write up to 250 words on something you care about using words of either 1 syllable, or 5 letters or less. Proper names and numbers are exempt. 

Several in InScribe took the challenge and sent our results to Short & Sweet Too, the second compilation of pieces written within these boundaries. 

In reading the pieces I was struck by the need for creative new descriptors. In one story, ‘morning’ became ‘the sun was new’.

If you’re a writer, you might want to give this a try!

What is a prompt? Check here for an explanation.

My entry: “Who Cares”


I want to care. I try, but I poop out fast. I watch the news and my mind reels. I scroll through Facebook, and I want to cry. I care so much I have to shut down. That feels wrong, so I pout and say, “Who cares?”

To care seems the right thing to do, but to care BIG is too much. Maybe… Maybe I can care small.

A man with one leg sits by my bus stop. He holds silk roses made by his hand. He doesn’t beg, but holds out a stem, smiles, and says, “For you!” I see him and I care. Now and then I take a stem and give him five bucks. He gives back, “God bless you!”

Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed me.” He didn’t say, “The world was a mess and you fixed it.”

Did Jesus know an age would come when the glut of news could take over our lives, our minds, our hearts until we’d say, ‘Who cares?” Is that why he gave us a simple focus? Food, drink, a roof, a coat; I can care for that kind of need. I can give to others from what the Lord has given to me.

I don’t have to fix the Earth, my city, not even my street.

To be sure, it seems that I don’t have to fix at all.

I get to bless: The man with one leg; Louise, who needs a ride; Joey, who wants to talk; Edna, whose task is too big; my adult kids, who still need their mom.

Yes. I get to bless.

When the Bough Breaks

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  • Fern Boldt

    Amazing thoughts! I especially like the line, Jesus said, “I was hungry and you fed me.” He didn’t say, “The world was a mess and you fixed it.” That gives me hope.

    • Bobbi Junior

      He never sets us up for failure, does he? We’re the ones who do that! 🙂