If I have to be convicted…

If I have to be convicted…

Probably most in today’s western society have heard this description for love.


 Corinthians 13:4-8 NIV

I read it again this morning, and my heart swelled.

This is how God loves us! Loves me! 

I felt safe, significant, covered. It gave me strength.

And then I read it again, but with myself in mind.

Is this how I love others? 

I felt …    I felt …  convicted.

Uh oh.


Knee-jerk reaction: I shifted my focus.

This isn’t how so-and-so was showing love this week!


God reigned me in.

circus monkey

“Not your monkey, not your circus. Go back to your first two thoughts.”

I didn’t want to. It’s way easier to focus on someone else’s failings than on my own. Know what I mean? But I did. With effort.

If God loving me this way makes me feel safe, significant, covered, and strong enough to be convicted in the changes I need to address, am I loving others so they can feel safe, significant, covered, and strong enough to face the things they need to address?

There. Better. Now I had a proper focus. Even with so-and-so. I shoved the knee-jerk thought aside and built a conscious focus:

How can I love those folk who have frustrated me, annoyed me, and let me down so they’re supported the way my Lord supports me?

That, then shall become my prayer.

If I have to be convicted, Lord, may it be in a way that both grows me and allows me to strengthen others. Amen.

179:365 Alt – Little Sister by Charamelody via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC NC.



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  • Sandra Somers

    Thanks for this beautiful post, Bobbi. God has been speaking to me about this very thing—to love others, to be gracious and patient with ones who may have different views on life, no matter what.

    • Bobbi

      So it’s not just me?! Glad to hear I’m in such good company, Sandi.

  • Patricia Anne Elford

    You have such a natural, lively way of getting to us. One would almost think that the Holy Spirit was working through you. Perhaps it’s because, during these times, you are being honest with yourself. It’s a lot easier to hear the guidance from a person who tells us about struggling through to each goal than it is to listen to someone who claims to have already reached them all.

    • Bobbi

      I know what you mean, Patricia. Someone asked recently what I blog about. I told them, mostly about when I screw up. It’s much more natural than being pompous. Ha ha!