Here I am! Can you see me?

Thanks to my guest blogger, author Sara Davison for sharing her perspective on social network marketing. Her conclusion is dead on, and best of all, doable! 

Do you ever feel like you are a single, waving stalk in an endless field of golden heads of wheat?  That’s because you are. At least, if you are attempting to be seen, or make yourself heard among the vast sea of social network voices clamoring for the attention of the general public, you can completely relate.

I recently came across a post listing the 370 top Social Media, Apps and Tools . I was intimidated by the sheer numbers, but even more by the fact that of the 370 sites on the list—many of which had exotic, Muppet-character sounding names like Cloob, Kilco, Burple, Deezer and Keek— I had only ever heard of a handful. Just reading the list of sites made me tired. The thought of exploring what each of them had to offer was enough to cause me to close my laptop and go take a nap. A long one.

I have taken the leap into the world of social networking (or maybe, after looking at this list, I should say that I have dipped a toenail into the endless ocean expanse). I am attempting to stay connected and to build a platform for my work using a blog-based website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Even there, though, the numbers are staggering., WordPress, Livejournal and Weebly report a combined 240 million plus blogs. Wow. That makes me one quiet voice among more than 240 million. How on earth can I ever hope to be heard?

The answer, I am coming to realize, is that I can’t. Very few of us can make a loud enough sound on our own to be heard over the general cacophony of noise that is the World Wide Web. The best we can hope for is to make a tiny squeak that, if we’re fortunate, just might succeed in turning the heads of those standing closest to us in our direction, if briefly.

But what if I stop trying to make that tiny squeak all on my own? What if I reach out to others, drawing them into my little circle and asking them to squeak along with me, or at least to contribute to my blog and have me as a guest on theirs, or mention something I’ve done or written on Twitter or Facebook while I do the same in return. That would expand the ripple exponentially, wouldn’t it? The few people who had turned their heads in those people’s directions would now hear my voice added to theirs. And maybe they would jab their elbows into the sides of those around them and point them my way too. And then those people would elbow their neighbours, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Community. That’s the key. Supporting and encouraging each other, and promoting each other and our writing to an ever-expanding circle of friends, acquaintances and even strangers. As writers, and as Canadian and Christian writers in particular, we need to band together. After all, we’re way up north. And muffled by snow. We have to speak extra loud to be heard, or at least work extra hard to get the news out there that we’re here, we’re working hard, and we just may have something to offer.

God has given us a gift, and we must use it for His glory. But first we have to get it out there. And we can do it, if we work together.

After all, that’s what being connected is truly all about.

 About the Author

Sara Davison has been a finalist for three national writing awards: Best New Canadian Christian Author; Best Column – Single; and Best Novel – Mystery or Suspense (The Watcher). Her favorite way to spend the days (and nights) is drinking coffee – a running theme throughout her novels – and making stuff up. Davison lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband Michael and their three children.


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