Do you believe in Evolution?

Do you believe in Evolution?

Most of us were taught evolution in school, so that’s the concept we grew up with.


However, if you consider yourself a critical thinker, you might want to round out your perspective. Biotechnologist Chuck Missler represents the men and women of science who believe that research and discoveries of  the past decades show conclusively that the Biblical description of creation is the only credible option.


Each to his own, of course. But if you’re interested in the scientific evidence on the other side of the argument, give him a listen, starting with hour 1 of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours.

No, it’s not a Bible lesson.

No, there’s no preaching.

No, he’s not promoting myths and legends and unprovable facts.

He does talk fast, and much of what he says goes flying over my head, but it sure is interesting.


p.s. If you disagree, that’s fine. We can still be friends!


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  • Janis Cox

    Totally agree. I have read and studied lots – and it is the only thing that makes the most credible sense – God created the world. Including people, plants, animals.
    Evolutionists are debunked on many theories. The Bible isn’t.

    • Bobbi Junior

      It seems hard for scientists to allow that they may have been wrong, though, doesn’t it? And imagine the cost of changing all those school text books!