bough-breaksWhen the Bough Breaks


Babies die. It’s a terrible truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Much has been written on grief and loss, but little focuses on the unique devastation that threatens to crush a family and those close to them after the loss of an anticipated baby.

Our second pregnancy culminated in a joyous birth, and began a life that lasted 2200 minutes. Labouring through our baby’s dying was unprecedented in our family’s experience.


“What struck me first was the silence—babies, babies everywhere, but not a cry, not a whimper. Babies in NICU are either comatose or on a respirator. Only the parents cry in the Neonatal ICU.”


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Join me as I tell the story of our family’s search for a new normal.

Parents, relatives and friends going through a similar event will gain insight into how we managed to persevere or, at times, simply abide.