The Reluctant Caregiver

Some say courage is fear that has said its prayers.

Bobbi may be married with two grown children, but the child inside still fears and resents the attacks and tirades of her ninety-year-old mother, now afflicted with dementia. While still a teenager, Bobbi was disowned by her mother. How can she now take on the role of caregiver?

I quickly placed three stamps on three letters and popped them into the slot under the counter. Mom put the rest of the stamps in her purse. As we left, I was careful not to make eye contact with any of the now-seven people lined up behind us.
I did hear Mom, though, as she quietly said, “I hope I can remember that the letters got mailed, since I didn’t do it myself.”

Bobbi seeks escape from the task, but gradually realizes that Jesus has a greater goal in mind than teaching her to be a caregiver. Crisis after crisis forces Bobbi to turn to Jesus for help, all the while testing to see if his promises can be taken literally. Is he in charge? Will he work things out? Is his plan perfect?

The Reluctant Caregiver calls out to an entire generation of individuals who have found themselves in a similar situation to Bobbi’s. She tells the story candidly, often humorously, as she comes to a deeper understanding of dementia, her mother, and most of all, Jesus.

2014 Word Alive Press Non-fiction Winner


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“This book stands out like a lion among alley cats. Why? Because it tells the story of a true hero—one who finds
adventure and fulfillment in serving the ungrateful and loving the unlovely. The Reluctant Caregiver manages to
wrestle hope from the clutches of dementia.” Phil Callaway – editor of Servant magazine

Read and weep. Laugh and pray. Gain courage and perspective of your own!