When the Bough Breaks: A Serialized Memoir

Babies die. It’s a terrible truth, but a truth nonetheless.

Much has been written on grief and loss, but little focuses on the unique devastation that threatens to crush a family and those close to them after the loss of an anticipated baby.

Our second pregnancy culminated in a joyous birth, and began a life that lasted 2200 minutes. Labouring through our baby’s dying was unprecedented in our family’s experience.Death of a Baby

Nobody told us, “If the body undergoes a post-mortem, the family will want to bring a cap for the baby to wear during the viewing, to hide the autopsy wound.” Thirty years later I still regret not knowing this.

Someone did say, “Take a locket of hair before your baby is interred. Once the coffin is closed, it’s too late.” To this day I treasure that little brown lock, safely tucked away.

We carried out the customary burial arrangements, but they were disturbing, unsettling, in a way that was hard to define. Perhaps it was because her body was so small.

Join me as I tell the story of our family’s search for a new normal.

Parents, relatives and friends going through a similar event will gain insight into how we managed to persevere or, at times, simply abide.

Chapter 1: Nothing Rattles Rick

Chapter 2: Labour

Chapter 3: Birthing Baby

Chapter 4: Delivery

Chapter 5: Is Something Wrong?

Chapter 6: The Body In Charge

Chapter 7: Wendy’s Transfer

Chapter 8: Rick’s Story

Chapter 9: Apart

Chapter 10: My Transfer

Chapter 11: Visitors

Chapter 12: The Healthiest Baby There

Chapter 13: Touch

Chapter 14: Last Day

Chapter 15: What Went Wrong

Chapter 16: Medical Miracle – Five Years Too Late

Chapter 17: My Guilty Confession

Chapter 18: Last Call

Chapter 19: Open Eyes

Chapter 20: Permission to Leave

Chapter 21: Being Awakened

Chapter 22: Birth and Death Announcement

Chapter 23: Parenting Assessment

Chapter 24: Tissues Vs Hankies

Chapter 25: Visitors and Their Problems

Chapter 26. A Grave Before the Fact

Chapter 27. Back Home

Chapter 28. Grandma’s Gift

Chapter 29. Bills & Blessings

Chapter 30. Planning

Chapter 31. Choices

Chapter 32. Preparing Our Baby

Chapter 33. A Poem of Understanding

Chapter 34. The Viewing

Chapter 35. A Tricycle & a Funeral

Chapter 36. Burden

Chapter 37. Normal Redefined

Chapter 38. I’m What?

Chapter 39. Giving Birth

Chapter 40. Marriage & Grief

Chapter 41. Another Baby Gone

Chapter 42. Andrea’s Story

Chapter 43. Lessons Learned

Chapter 44: Tenth Birthday

Chapter 45. Wendy’s Book

Thank you for reading Wendy’s story online. When the Bough Breaks will be published in hardcopy December, 2016.