Autism & Asperger’s Syndrome – Great Book!

I’m not much of a one for giving book reviews. I’m also not one for saving books to re-read.

This book is different.

Benjamin T. Collier is 29 years old. He was diagnosed with severe autism as a child, and has now progressed to a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome (A.S.)

In his newly released autobiography, “My Life A.S. Is”, Collier takes us on an in-depth journey into the mind of one who lives it. He is brilliantly articulate, and his turn of phrase is engaging. His matter-of-fact approach leaves no room for pity. Collier speaks to the reader with a sense of respect. He appears to believe his readers can and will understand his perspective, and we can live more harmoniously because of that.

Personally, I recognized some traits he describes as being part of the personality of some people I know. Reading his often humorous descriptions helped me see how other acquaintances of mine express little tolerance for such differences. Reading this book would, I think, help change such attitudes.

I met Collier recently at a conference. The following paragraph from his book describes perfectly what I observed when I told him I’d purchased his book as a valuable reference for our counselling agency.

“How do I explain the way my thought process works? It’s like the human brain is the garage for a delivery service, and every package is a thought, and each part of the brain is a different terrain vehicle. My brain has to deliver a thought across a desert wilderness, only my desert jeep won’t start, so I’m stuck with a snowmobile… The package still gets there, but it’s slower, and because it’s a different vehicle it can’t take the same routes… so whenever someone asks me a question, my thought takes longer to process…”

I will have to purchase another copy for the agency, because I’m keeping this one for myself.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is curious about autism and A.S., but also for anyone  who would like a great read describing a fascinating alternate perspective of the world.

Well done, Mr. Collier!

photo credit: hepingting via photopin cc

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  • Juli D.

    Great post Bobbi. I sent the link to some friends who will no doubt find it very interesting! Benjamin’s book sounds like a great find (and a great read) and I’m so glad you mention it here.

    • Bobbi

      Definitely worth spreading the word, Juli. It’s a wonderfully unique perspective.

  • Janet Sketchley

    Thanks for giving us a review of the book, Bobbi. It’s on my list of books to get.

  • Kathy Rennie

    I enjoyed reading your review. It sounds like a book that I need to get for my own information and for a friend. thanks for the posting.