When being a Grown Up Sucks

When being a Grown Up Sucks

I do the grown-up thing pretty well, most of the time. But some days this whole mature, responsible, doing-the-right-thing-the-right-way adult role is too much.

Like this week. Things are okay, but at times intense. I needed a break. What to do? What to do?

And then it came to me. Take a vacation! Not away from this place, but away from this time.


First – clothing. I dug out my scruffy jeans, reminiscent of my hippy days, faded and frayed, and ever so comfy, and added a tie-dyed t-shirt. Considered Birks or mocassins. No. It’s winter. I wore sensible shoes so my feet would be happy.


Then I dug out my old CDs – James Taylor, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkle, and drove the city running errands, with the heater on and the window open, tunes and voice blaring, bopping to the blues at every stop light.


And do you know, it worked? I felt like I’d left my adult world behind, if only for a few hours, and enjoyed a time out (in a good way). While the 60s wasn’t the best decade of my life, it was the least responsible, and I had a degree of independence.

Yeah, it was nice.

Now I’m thinking I just might have to pop back to the 70s next weekend. Wanna come with?

Or maybe there’s something you like to do when you’re tired of being a grown up.


photo credit: IamNotUnique   photo credit: Giuseppe Milo (www.pixael.com)    photo credit: Hindrik S   photo credit: Sarah Elizabeth Altendorf   photo credit: Pragmagraphr


When the Bough Breaks

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  • http://kgehca.blogspot.ca Katherine Hoffman

    Love this, Bobbi! I do similar things, especially with the music. 🙂 It does wonders when I am feeling bogged down and just need a little fun in my life. We all need to make time for a little vacationing, even for a few hours!